About Us


CYL TEXTILE is a family company that founded by Pınar &Ahmet.

After working on the textile different branches ,gain experiences for many years and by help of the fortune they decided to start their own business.

They bring their experinces together and catch a synergy ,this set-up guide them while given services to their clients and also creating the textile products for smart and multifuctionally uses on trading.

COTTON-Y LIFE is the trade mark of them.The brand is like a new born baby for them that start walking day by day.The aim is simple making the most smart products and discover the multifuctional uses for the end customers.


COTTON-Y LIFE is coming into your lifes to serve a soft touch of cotton.Cotton is changing form to enter your lifes and this is our starting story.

Start with touching and sofness & going on usage and convenience & ending with happiness and smiling face.

We use natural fibers like bamboo & viscone & silk etc. And combine them with the cotton to have different tocuhes and usage.